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Loan for financing – debt restructuring

In the 1980s, the company merged with “Astro bank”, the pioneer of online banking. After further intermediate stops, the “Astro” was sold to Deutsche Bank for 420 million USD. At that time, the bank still had 98 branches across Germany, and since July 2012 it has only operated as a direct bank. This makes discount banking possible for their private customers at affordable and fair prices. The “Astro” promises quality at permanently attractive prices.

Fixed price credit on favorable and classic terms

Fixed price credit on favorable and classic terms

The requirements for a loan from “Astro” are classic. The
Borrower must

  • be of legal age
  • have a residence in Germany,
  • work in the same employment relationship for at least six months,
  • have completed the trial period
  • and act on your own account and name.

The self-employed are excluded from this offer. Similarly, pensioners over the age of 64 cannot apply for a loan. The provider, which specializes in online banking, advertises an immediate loan decision. The sum can be between 1,000 and 65,000 USD with a maximum term of up to 84 months. The loan has a fixed interest rate that depends on the credit rating. Above all, this makes permanent planning possible. The payment is also made after a positive decision.

Special repayments and deferral options

Special repayments and deferral options

The “Astro” distinguishes above all the favorable conditions. There is no processing fee. Up to 50 percent of the remaining amount can be repaid free of charge once a year.

However, early redemption is only possible after six months and results in a prepayment penalty. For this, the loan is free from the intended use and can also be used to reschedule expensive other loans. A negative credit bureau entry makes a loan with “Astro” impossible.

Upon request, credit protection against unemployment and incapacity for work can be taken out. The best price guarantee is a special feature: If you can submit a cheaper offer within four weeks of taking out the loan, you can return the loan free of charge and receive an additional 50 USD.

And if things get tight, the repayment rate can also be deferred three times over the term: a maximum of two installments with an interruption of one year each. The installments are due at the end of the term, which is extended accordingly.

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