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Sodium dodecyl sulfate and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate is solid

Time:2015/10/28 3:26:00

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate
English name: Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate
CAS no. : 2386-53-0
Molecular formula: CH3 (CH2) 11 so3na
Molecular weight: 272.38
Purity: 98.50%
Rating: AR
Container: plastic bottles
Character description
White or light yellow crystalline powder, soluble in hot water, but soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in petroleum ether. Yin from
Surfactant, excellent permeability, washing, wetting, decontamination and emulsification
Use instructions
Chemical industry and textile industry as emulsifier, floatation agent and penetration agent.
Sodium dodecyl sulfate
Molecular formula: C12H25SO3Na CAS: [2386-53-0]
Use: this product belongs to the anionic surfactant, widely used in pesticides, chemical fertilizers, metals, building materials, rubber, textile, can be used as emulsifier, floating agent, foaming agent, penetrating agent of printing and dyeing industry, etc. This product is white or light yellow crystalline powder. Soluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in petroleum ether. Seal save, alkyl sulfonate as raw materials can be prepared a variety of USES of fine chemical products.
Contents: 1) textile printing and dyeing industry: net lotion, scouring agent, dispersing agent, dye, scouring agent, degreasing agent.
2) oil industry: viscosity agent, oil displacement agent, drilling, well cementing agent.
3) plastic, rubber, leather industry, emulsifier, foaming agent and tanning agent.
4) the paper making, printing industry waste paper deinking agent and dispersant.
5) sand mining industry: froth flotation agent.
6) metal processing industry, metal cleaning agent, remover.
Note the difference between: sodium dodecyl sulfate
Sodium dodecyl sulfate and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate is solid, surface active agent.
With double plastic bags, not only convenient to transport and use, and saves the charges of packing.
Packing specification: 10 kg/bag or 12.5 kg/bag
According to different content, the market there are 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, different levels, such as sodium sulfonate. The price also vary widely. You should pay attention to identify.