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Sodium dodecyl sulfate production process

Time:2015/10/21 2:55:17

Sodium lauryl sulfate production process
1, the second generation of lauryl alcohol and chlorine acid sulfate sulfated at 40 ~ 50 ℃, after adding sodium hydroxide and, after bleaching, sedimentation, spray drying.
2, the reaction apparatus trioxide law for the vertical reactor. At 32 ℃ nitrogen gas into the reactor through the gas vents. Nitrogen flow rate of 85.9 L · min. At 82.7 kPa pass into the lauryl alcohol, flow 58 g · min. The liquid sulfur trioxide fed in at 124.1 kPa flasher, flash temperature was maintained at 100 ℃, sulfur trioxide flow control 0.907 2 kg · h. Sulfated product is then rapidly quenched to 50 ℃, into aging, a place 10 ~ 20min. And finally into the pot with a base. And temperature control at 50 ℃, when the pH value to 7 to 8.5 when the material, derived liquid products. Spray-drying to obtain a solid product.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate transport information
Packing category: Z01
Transportation Note:
When complete packaging to shipment, loading should be safe. During transport to ensure that the container does not leak, did not fall, do not fall, no damage. Strictly prohibited and oxidants, food chemicals mixed mixed operation. Transit should be anti-exposure, rain, high temperature. Vehicle transport is completed should be thoroughly cleaned.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate regulations
Chemical Dangerous Goods Safety Management Regulations (February 17, 1987 the State Council), the Regulations of Chemical Dangerous Goods Safety Management Regulations (the Labor Fa [1992] No. 677), the workplace safe use of chemicals ([1996] labor department No. 423) and other regulations for the safe use of hazardous chemicals, production, storage, transport, handling, etc. are made corresponding provisions.
Standard: People's Republic of China National Standard GB / T15963-1995