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Sodium dodecyl sulfate used hand sanitizer

Time:2015/11/5 2:01:26

First of all, we came to the "scientific inquiry lab," directed by Xie Laoshi we begin to complete the production of hand sanitizer. Xie Laoshi let's watch making hand sanitizer raw materials: sodium dodecyl sulfate and ammonium chloride, sodium dodecyl sulfate as monosodium glutamate, ammonium chloride is like salt.
Production of hand sanitizer's the first step is to add 1 scoop of sodium dodecyl sulfate, add 3-5 tablespoons of water, then add pigment. On the table there are three kinds of color pigment: red, yellow, and blue. I took the yellow pigment cup, dropper drop two or three drops, stir a stir, liquid in the cup becomes yellow evenly and classmates beat out the red, blue, purple, blue, orange and other colors. After repeated measurements add ammonium chloride, liquid soap made at last.
Now, do you know how to make the liquid soap?
28 morning, the press corps little reporters to guangxi nanning students science and technology museum visit.
The most exciting is life practice room on the second floor, into the exhibition hall we can smell the fragrance. Put something with the cup on the table, I'm curious, what is inside of the cup? After the teacher's explanation, I just know these are made of hand sanitizer's chemical raw materials. Watched the teacher make the operation of hand sanitizer, everybody. Under the guidance of the teacher, we first put a spoonful of sodium dodecyl sulfate in the beaker, add 3-5 tablespoons of water, after waiting for sodium dodecyl sulfate dissolved into the pigment, then add the right amount of ammonia chloride, make it have certain sticky, finally, the tuned liquid into the bottle, a bottle of homemade hand sanitizer're done!
Look at liquid soap produced by his own hands, I'm flattered.
An appointment with science
28 in the morning, a journalist of the nanning student press corps in still learn weekly, under the guidance of great reporter came to guangxi science and technology museum experience in life science.
The most impressive is the ball screen film technology, film and television center. There, as if we had met universe, alternately rising and landing. Exploding stars, I can really feel the exploding stars fly out of the fragments of the moment in my side, on fire scared me a cold sweat straight.
Imperceptible in, the activities are over, I am very happy, because I became a small time scientific talent.
Production of hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer in the home is very common, but, just do it? Once a journalist of the science and technology museum activities let me real experience of hand sanitizer's production process.
In the studio "scientific inquiry", the teacher told us that hand sanitizer mainly contains two major components: sodium dodecyl sulfate and ammonium chloride. We will open the bottle containing the two substances, carefully observe the two substances, sodium dodecyl sulfate is the material like white thin noodles, we eat edible salt and ammonium chloride is like usual. Teacher guide our scoop first 1 scoop of sodium dodecyl sulfate in the cup, then add 3 tablespoons of water and a moderate amount of pigment. She told us that how much water determines the hand sanitizer, generally add 3-5 spoon, pigment, determine the color of the hand sanitizer. After the color, we went on to add ammonium chloride, continue to stir. Finally, hand sanitizer become sticky stiff, this is done.
At home, I can't wait to show mom and dad this hard-won work.