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sodium dodecyl sulfate is different with sodium dodecyl sulfonate

Time:2015/10/28 3:21:40

The difference between sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium dodecyl sulfonate
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (sod) dodecyl sulfate, abbreviated as SDS), also known as sodium lauryl sulfate
(sod. Lauryl sulfate, shorthand for SLS), the formula for the CH3 (CH2) 10 ch2osona; The molecular weight of 288.38.
2 sodium dodecyl sulfate (sod) dodecyl sulfonate, shorthand for SDS), molecular formula for the CH3 (CH2) 10 ch2sona; The molecular weight of 272.38.
3 dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, molecular formula: C18H29NaO3S, molecular weight: 348.48, it has been verified by TG, decomposition temperature is 450 ℃, weightlessness rate was 60%. ; CAS no. : 25155-30-0; Hereinafter referred to as: SDBS, LAS
Properties: solid, white or light yellow powder; Solubility: soluble in water, easy absorption of moisture agglomerate; Toxicity: non-toxic
Preparation: the linear alkyl benzene (LAB) using sulfur trioxide or fuming sulfuric acid sulfonated alkyl sulfonate, and made again.
The two substances are anionic surfactant, are solid, sodium dodecyl sulfate is the commonly used biochemical and immune experiment
Reagent and sodium dodecyl sulfate due to its manufacturing and performance of some disadvantages, there is little in medicine, biology
Laboratory use. Our country's chemical reagent standard manual "at home and abroad and foreign famous reagents such as company
Sigma, Aldrich and Fluka catalog also contains.
The common mistake is to, will should be said to be of sodium dodecyl sulfate sodium dodecyl sulfate.
Dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium detergency is good, is a major decontamination detergent, washing powder ingredients.
Sodium dodecyl sulfate is also called the K12, foam is good, detergency weaker than dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, commonly used in toothpaste, shampoo, etc.